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Cartonist: Rik Jackson Publisher: Self-Published

Heads!, issue #1, cover, self-published, Jackson


A noir/crime/mystery with a potential science fiction element from the mind of a single cartoonist, Rik Jackson.

It's like the movie Chinatown with a surreal element.


(Minor Spoilers)

A man’s statue has been stolen before it was supposed to go on show at the museum. It looks like the women who stole it were wearing giant fake hands and cat heads, inexplicably.

That’s only the beginning of the strange things happening. Mass hypnosis, things stolen from locked rooms with no sign of entry, and other crimes start to pile up for private detective Steve Datsun, with no solution in sight.

Nothing seems to make sense, and each crime seems to point to these same girls...with those heads!

Datsun knows something's up, but can he solve these strange mysteries without completely alienating his partner, friends and family? And is solving this crime worth risking their lives?


  • Rik Jackson sets up a typical private-detective-crime-mystery in a way you'd expect, then throws the twist at you, with the girls...with those heads!

  • It's an effective hook, and talking about other criminals gives the feeling that this is all taking place in a larger, established world and makes you want to learn more about it

  • With the organic art and lettering style and the pencil shading, it gives everything a gritty, sketchy feel

  • Even the letters are from a hand-drawn font!

  • Jackson's panel balance is good, making plenty of room for the lengthy internal dialogue that plays such a major role in this genre

  • He also nails the genre's tone with the world-weary private detective who has a hunch he can't just let go

  • Cool Kirby dots around the women with the heads brings a cosmic element for readers in-the-know

  • The fact that Rik Jackson has accomplished so much on his own with HEADS! is truly impressive


  • With everything being hand-drawn, HEADS! can feel a little unpolished (but maybe that's part of its charm)

  • I wonder if something as simple as using the computer for lettering instead of hand-lettering could solve that issue

  • Cursing and smoking make this not the best comic for kids

  • No color, if that bothers you, but Jackson's effective shading makes you not miss it so much

Heads!, issue #1, page 4, self-published, Jackson


HEADS! is a solid indie crime mystery with heavy noir and sci-fi elements. This first issue is just the beginning of a much larger storyline with smaller sets of miniseries'. Definitely pick it up if you're into the genre and want something with an indie, sci-fi feel.


If you like the writing:

If you like the art:


Rik Jackson – Cartoonist

  • Multitalented: Wrote, illustrated and lettered all of HEADS!

  • Outlander: From South London

  • Is a big fan of low-budget horror films and is the singer for sludge metal band, Circus Diabolica


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