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Writer: Eric Bitmanis Art: Ross Zucco Publisher: Self-published

Hard Wyred, Issue #1, cover, self-published, Bitmanis/Zucco


An action-packed, hyper-masculine cyberpunk story where an unsuspecting protagonist gets in way over his head.

It has a little bit of a Shadowrun feel, but brighter and less stylized.


(Minor Spoilers)

Sammy Wyzernowski is a “sweeper” called out of retirement. He basically performs skilled jobs in a giant computer program. His partner, Miranda, stole some kind of container device with a mysterious program on it. Their boss seems like she wants it for herself, or wants to keep its secrets under wraps. She sends other sweepers after them. Meanwhile, Sam lost his love interest to the simulation years ago. After assuming she was dead or gone, certain strange happenings may be telling him otherwise.

Are all of these events linked? What's up with the mysterious program? Will Sammy ever be able to retire?


  • For fans of old school action films heavy with machismo, explosions and "traditional" gender roles, Hard Wyred is right up their alley

  • Sam's real self may just be a normal, out-of-shape guy, but the virtual reality persona we see is your typical action hero type

  • It may be modeled after the old school action genre, but it passes the Bechdel test!

  • Zucco's line work is skilled and detailed, able to fit a lot of activity into a single page, like in the image below

  • The perfect escape from comics that are too deep, morose, or thoughtful

  • You can get the first issue free here


  • As our protagonist, Sammy isn't necessarily likable

  • Most often, he sounds like a petulant teenager

  • If this is a series that the creators plan to keep going for awhile, maybe it's their intent that he slowly grows and changes into a better, more mature person

  • There's a lot of aspects of the hyper-masculine action genre that can feel old-fashioned, uncomfortable, or and a little toxic, like:

  • Characters are either giant, muscle-bound men or very feminine women who look like they were drawn in the '60s or '70s

  • Women in refrigerators

  • A lack of nuance in how characters speak and what motivates them

  • Sam tries extorting a date out of a woman when he finds adult content on her computer

  • While I'm not usually bothered by a lack of color, especially in indie comics, I think it may be able to help parse the action in busy panels

  • While the "F-Bomb" is censored, other curse words are not, in case you're worried about your kids reading that sort of thing

  • The lettering and art can feel at war with each other, which is strange, since Zucco handled both

  • An editor could have helped greatly

  • Sometimes, it's difficult to figure out what's going on, between characters looking similar and flashbacks

  • Often, asking someone else to read it first and then say how they interpreted it can help avoid this issue

  • Missing punctuation and overused dashes and hyphens can take the grammatically-inclined out of the comic

Friendo™, Issue #4, Vault Comics, Paknadel/Simmonds


Hard Wyred is a pedal-to-the-metal, cyberpunk action comic that definitely fills the requirements for the über-masculine action genre. Just feel like having some fun and not thinking too hard about what you're reading? Hard Wyred is your book.


Issue #5 should be coming out soon!

Click one of these for issues #1-4:

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