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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Writer: Rick Quinn Art: Dana Obera Publisher: Aurora Comics

Saltwater, one-shot, cover, Aurora Comics, Quinn/Obera


A self-contained "one-shot" story about a city torn between the rich few and the many poor, and one woman who chose to rebel against those in power instead of serving them.

Basically, it's the plot of Mr. Robot season 1 meets the world-building of The Expanse, but at sea instead of in space.

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? (Minor Spoilers)

The story here is very short, so I don't want to say too much out of fear of spoiling anything.

A woman is forced to live in the corroded city under the sea. Those above the surface live in a beautiful golden city that she once called home. Her life now is one of servitude; there's no other way of life or choice available to this unfortunate caste.

But this woman, our protagonist, has lost everything to these powerful surface-dwellers, and she wants her revenge.

And, fortunately, she has just the plan to take it...


  • Quinn knows when to talk and when to let the art works its magic; he pauses and gives us time to catch our breaths or watch the action play out, and it pays dividends in the comic's delivery

  • Obera's watercolor here is gorgeous, rich and full of life -- I'd love to see more of her comics work in the future

  • The team somehow condenses what could be an entire run or series of comics brilliantly and effectively into a single one-shot issue

  • Like Quinn's other comic, The Ghost Butterfly, this comic is only $2, which is (in this yeti's opinion) an incredible value for the story


  • I would have willingly read so many more issues of this story, and I'm sad that it just ends here

  • Fitting an entire rebellion story into a single issue does take away from the nuance, but Quinn & Obera still make it effective and exciting

  • I wish hardcopies of this comic were available

Saltwater, one-shot, page 4, Aurora Comics, Quinn/Obera


What I said about The Ghost Butterfly, I'll echo here: For a self-published one-shot comic, this blows its competition out of the water. It does so much in just 20 pages, and I was sad that it ended. This book is a hidden gem. If you know anyone looking for an example of excellent self-published work, direct them here.


If you like the writing:

  • Tour Guide by Rick Quinn & Dana Obera

  • LOW, Vol. 1 by Rick Remender & Greg Tocchini

  • WE3 by Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely

If you like the art:


Rick Quinn – Script & Letters

  • Multitalented: Also works as an artist, a graphic designer and a filmmaker

  • Tends to write shorter, single-issue ("one-shot") comics

  • Recently funded (via Kickstarter) his next comic, Spirit Drifters

Dana Obera – Art

  • Inked and colored most of this comic from inside his car

  • Tends toward watercolor as a medium

  • Outlander: Lives in Indonesia


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