Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Writer: Matt Fraction

Art: David Aja

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Hawkeye (Omnibus), cover, Marvel Comics, Fraction/Aja


You know the Avenger with the bow and arrows? This is what he does in his downtime.

I gotta say, I’m struggling to come up with modern media to compare this book to. It’s got a bright, simplified color palette like something you’d see in a Wes Anderson film. There’s a lot of beating up of Eastern European thugs, which takes me to a John Wick place. But there’s a decent amount of fun and interesting violence that just reminds me of Road House. At the same time, it’s more than an action flick – there’s an underlying brokenness and disassociation between Clint (Hawkeye) and the other characters that feels like it comes from Little Miss Sunshine or a similar indie flick.

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? (Minor Spoilers)

Clint (AKA Hawkeye) lives in New York. Since he’s not Tony Stark, he’s gotta live in an apartment, like a regular person. Some local Eastern European thugs are threatening the people who live there, and Clint decides to stand up to them with the help of his protégé, Kate (also Hawkeye) and Lucky (AKA Pizza Dog).

Things don’t go as planned, which is bad for Clint, Kate & Lucky, but great for an interesting story.

Watch as Clint gets in way over his head, not only with his battle against the bad guys, but also with trying to balance being a good mentor, a good