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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Writer & Artist: Matt Kindt

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Uncanny X-Force #2, cover, Marvel Comics, Remender/Opeña


A murder mystery in a deep sea facility. It’s like Chinatown meets The Abyss meets The Cloverfield Paradox.

It feels like the kind of story you’d see take place in a spaceship, but has a larger cast than those lonely, creepy sci-fi thrillers you’re used to. Kindt takes some pains to show how being underwater actually raises the stakes from a more interstellar atmosphere.

There may be some paranormal aspect in subsequent volumes, but everything seems fairly contained within the realm of science for this story so far.

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? (Minor Spoilers)

A woman is called to investigate a murder in a deep sea research station. The team is a bunch of familiar faces – people she’s known or worked with for years.

She has a perfect memory, but only gets a one look at the murder scene before trouble strikes, guiding her attention elsewhere. One thing’s for certain: this is more than murder.

It’s sabotage.

Will she be able to figure out who the murderer and saboteur is amidst constant danger and distraction? And will she be able to put the pieces together before the whole station collapses in on itself, taking her and the entire crew with it?


  • The story is a slow burn, balancing the tension of “now” with reveals of what happened between characters in the past

  • Watercolor is the perfect medium for a story that takes place underwater

  • Defining the depth that the characters are at as a kind of pressure cooker works brings more tension to the tone of the story

  • The main character is a non-white woman – points for not another white guy!

  • Having the ticking clock of impending doom adds urgency and sets a fast pace for the tale to unfold

  • The protagonist’s perfect memory is balanced by her previous trauma and current danger, preventing her from being a Mary Sue

  • The dual use of “Depth”/”Dept. H” is a nice touch, and the water slowly filling up the sidebar of the pages (see the image below) is also really cool to discover


  • There’s a lot of story setup in this volume – the first half can be a slower read

  • While the handwritten lettering helps lend a more intimate, emotional feel, it can be difficult to read for folks following along on their phones

  • If suspenseful murder mysteries aren’t your thing, there’s not much else to keep you invested (at least in this first volume)

Uncanny X-Force #2, page 3, Marvel Comics, Remender/Opeña


It’s an interesting story, and I’m excited to see where it’s going. It balances great emotion and heart with action, tension and a story that spans multiple genres.


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Matt Kindt – Writer, Artist, Letterer

  • Multitalented: He often does both the art and the story for his comics

  • He lives in the St. Louis area, near a certain charming, comic-reviewing yeti

  • Was just nominated for an Eisner award for Best Writer

Sharlene Kindt – Colors

  • Married to the comics writer, Matt Kindt

  • Watercolor artist who also makes candles (see them at

  • Also worked on parts of another Matt Kindt title, MIND MGMT


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