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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Puc, The Artist #1, cover, self-published, Greb/Richert

Story: Miles Greb Art: Garrett Richert Publisher: Self-Published

Because this is only a single issue, and not the trade paperback length I typically review, details are minimal. Especially as an introduction to a greater story arc, it’s difficult to judge the story overall.


An ongoing webcomic by some talented creators with some experience making independent comics.

Imagine Kingdom Hearts, but instead of a key, the character arms himself with art supplies, and instead of characters and worlds you know, it’s new, fresh ones.

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? (Minor Spoilers)

To save his characters, an artist grabs a giant paintbrush and jumps into his art. He’s taken on an adventure through a world of fantasy that’s as beautiful as it is dangerous.


  • The writing feels like it’s coming from a fan of JRPGs (or “Japanese Role Playing Games,” for readers unfamiliar with this video game genre) and sets up his story similar to classics

  • Greb also knows when not to use dialogue at all, and when it’s good just to let the action carry the story, which is something you don’t often see even in mainstream comics

  • The art is beautiful and stylish, and it fits the tone and genre of the story very well

  • The line art and shading is confident and works well for the comic in the absence of col-or

  • Greb & Richert’s world-building is fascinating, inspired and makes us want to see more

  • It’s free, which is actually really good for a comic I’d gladly pay for!


  • This is an independent, self-published work created by people who are still developing their craft, so the quality isn’t as polished as the other titles I post about on this site

  • In the same vein as the previous bullet, the below page shows some of these issues:

  • “Then” used when “than” is the correct word (this happens again on another page in the comic)

  • Lettering leaves us unsure of word balloon order

  • There were moments throughout where I got lost in the dialogue and action – establish-ing shots for location or a little more dialogue guidance could probably alleviate this confusion

  • If you have trouble reading comics without color, this might not be the best comic for you

  • You have to wait for each new installment to be added to the story, instead of buying it and reading it all at once

  • If you Google “Puc, The Artist,” each website comes up with new or different pages, which can be confusing for readers wanting one single location to keep up with the title

Puc, The Artist #1, self-published, Greb/Richert


It’s free, so if you have the time, you should check it out!

If you don’t have the time, I get it. I’ll say what I said for Vengeance, Nevada: If you’re interested in self-published comics, want to support budding creators, or are just curious, give this one a read. If you’re looking for more colorful, polished works by folks who have been in the industry awhile, you may want to check out some of my other blogs and recommendations.


If you like the writing:

  • Espers by Miles Greb & Chris Lewis Lee

  • Monstress, Vol. 1 by Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda

  • Angelic, Vol. 1 by Simon “Si” Spurrier & Caspar Wijngaard

If you like the art:


Miles Greb – Writer

  • New Face: He’s been writing awhile, and he’s still breaking into the comics industry

  • On The Rise: He’s been able to crowdfund some of his comics, so you know he’s got a good audience of readers

  • He’s a writer, folk singer and “science advocate” who likes his stories to have an opti-mistic focus

  • Also, he’s a really nice guy!

Garrett Richert – Art (and Colors?)

  • Graduated from San Francisco’s Academy of Art

  • Typically works in pen and ink, then colors digitally

  • Also has experience with storyboarding

Jamie Me – Letters

  • Dream Team: Also worked with Miles Greb on his comic, After the Gold Rush

  • Outlander: Lives in the United Kingdom

  • Multitalented: Has also written a few successfully crowdfunded comics


Free (updated irregularly) at Garrett Richert’s Website.

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