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Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Big battles, boyfriends, and Bond, James Bond! All this and more in this week's Top 5 webcomic picks as we delve into titles filled with action, romance, and tall tales.

1. God Tribe by SEOPASS and Agu_JUNU on WEBTOON

This explosive new series is absolutely insane! The debut series from artist Agu_JUNU and second series from writer SEOPASS (creator of Weak Hero), God Tribe is the perfect read for fans of titles like Dragon Ball and Solo Leveling. This martial arts saturated series features powerful action scenes and deep world building worthy of classic shōnen anime.

Latde has spent the majority of his life as a slave, working toward the goal of returning to the Hwan tribe where his brother, Latz, eagerly awaits his return. He's at the mercy of the cruel Carnivore Tribe and, after uncovering the dark truth behind his captor's motives, he vows to become powerful enough to fight back. As he nears the pivotal time of adulthood, something changes within the very core of his being, and the true power of the near-exctinct God Tribe is finally revealed.

Ep.5 saw Latde after his impromptu eleven day martial arts lesson with Lasser of the lightning tribe returning to the Carnivore Tribe to enact his revenge for their misdeeds. The ep. is rich with lore and world building and sets the stage for an incredible action sequence in the coming episodes (several of which are available on Fast Pass). This series started out strong and continues to deliver, so you'll want to make sure you're subscribed!

2. Boyfriends by Refrainbow (@refrainbow) on WEBTOON

The wildly popular and downright adorable series Boyfriends hit its 110th "track" on WEBTOON this week (six more episodes are available on Fast Pass). The story of four college students and their polyamorous relationship is known for its bite-sized slice-of-life stories, positive LGBTQIA+ themes, and colorful artwork.

When Prep, Jock, Nerd, and Goth find themselves in a strange predicament of excessive attraction to each other, they decide that the only thing better than a boyfriend is making it a plural. Throughout the series, they discover the complexities and joys that come alongside balancing so many relationships shown through vignettes over the course of their college days.

The series is filled with humor and generally upbeat storytelling, though it does not shy away from the complexities and lows of romance. Track 110 leans into those themes as we see Prep and Jock discussing the importance of communication. It's a simplistic ep. but it reminds us that the narrative of Boyfriends isn't afraid to tackle the low moments with honesty. It harkens back to the earlier entries where the polycule first formed and captured our hearts with its genuine look at romance.

3. Killer Crush by eresemo (@eresemo_99) on Lezhin

Ep.19 of this insanely funny boys' love webtoon* literally had me in tears. The not-quite-romcom story about a John Wick-style hitman and a scrappy young actor desperate to break into the world of noir films has consistently delivered hysterical episodes week after week since its debut.

Taeman has been a cold-blooded killer for more than fourteen years and has never once let a hit go off without the utmost perfection. When everyone's favorite leading man, Dahyeok, comes into his life and accidentally stirs up feelings of... love(?), Taeman finds his sharp sense failing him. In his desperation to break free of this crush and get back to the killing, Taeman decides to become the most undatable human being on earth.

After returning from their eventful camping trip filled with dangerous falls, wild boars, and stalkers, Dahyeok is ready for some shut eye. Unable to say goodbye to Taeman at the ER, Dahyeok heads home and passes out as a fever settles. In his ill state, he fever dreams about zombies, James Bond, and dresses that are far too form fitting for comfort. You literally just have to go read it, it's hysterical.

4. Love Tractor by AngryMonster and HmmYongYong on TappyToon

I’m not crying, you’re crying! After 80 incredible episodes, the charming and cozy farming-focused boys’ love webtoon Love Tractor came to a close this past Monday. Over two strong seasons, the Stardew Valley-style story touched readers worldwide and closed out with a bittersweet but satisfying end (you can read my review of season one here).

The series followed Sun Yool, a stressed out law student who headed to grandfather’s house in the countryside for the summer to relax. He soon meets bumbling (absolute himbo) farmhand Yechan, whose relentless optimism brings Sun Yool’s once gloomy days some much needed sunshine. Season two picked up after a short time jump and gave us plenty of moments both shocking and sensual (as well as the most painful hiatus cliffhanger known to man). The further exploration of their friendship turned romance was the focal point of this short but moving second season.

Though S2 was much shorter than the first and felt a bit rushed (toward the end there are quite a few more time skips), this can probably be explained by the mid-season hiatus brought on by the series being picked up for a live-action adaptation! The finale was full of sunsets, soft colors, music, and tender moments, reminding us that happy endings don't need to have much flair to make an impact.

5. Whispers of the Past by Crona J. (@CronaJArt) on Tapas and WEBTOON

A newly (relaunched) series from writer and illustrator Crona J., Whispers of the Past is a fantasy webcomic that has recently been featured on both the Tapas Trending/Fresh section and the WEBTOON Canvas Festival "The Night is Young" collection. Though the series currently only has a handful of episodes, each one has built upon the mystery and delivered stunning artwork and intrigue, making this a must-read series for fantasy fans.

When a foreigner washes up on the shores, Aniya finds herself captivated by his features and brings him to her home to help him recover. Plagued by violent dreams and amnesia, the handsome stranger wakes to find himself in a place he does not recognize, with old wounds he can't quite recall. Together with Aniya's help, he must unravel the secrets of his past before the nightmares catch up to him.

Ep.2 pt.2 released on Wednesday and we get our first look at the stranger's inner dialogue and personality as he finally stirs from his slumber to the sound of Aniya's voice. Checking himself for wounds, he attempts to make a daring escape that ends before it can even truly begin. This series is still fresh but the characters and art style will immediately pull you in, this is a great quick-read that I highly recommend checking out.

*shōnen/shounen is a genre of manga usually filled with intense action and plucky protagonists aimed at YA (typically male) readers

*webtoon is the term used for scrolling digital comics from South Korea, not to be confused with WEBTOON, the app.


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