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Tobias Taitt’s autobiography about life as a second-generation Windrush immigrant hits crowdfunding

Taitt and artist Anthony Smith’s revelatory debut graphic novel is an examination of an often-ignored piece of modern UK history. Taitt’s experiences as his mother tried, and failed, to build a better life for them in Britain speaks of systemic failures and personal hardships which are often overlooked.

This new 128-page graphic novel is printed in black and white, reflecting the stark communication of Taitt’s story. His experiences as a young teenager falling in love and into a life of crime is remarkably frank and speaks to Taitt’s complicated relationship with his own past. Smith’s art brings out nuance and empathy in a story where there are no easy answers or trite solutions.

Soaring Penguin Press is continuing to use crowdfunding as a way of increasing creator pay-outs, aiming to provide an additional sum on top of the page rate. BLACK is the second autobiography Soaring is seeking to fund in this way following on from the success of Ilana Zeffren’s Urban Tails earlier in 2021.

BLACK is a thoughtful, engaging introspection by Taitt of his own life, deftly brought to comics by Smith’s clear, no-nonsense artwork,” said Soaring Penguin Press Co-Publisher, John Anderson.

Added Co-Publisher Tim Pilcher, “Taitt and Smith’s moving, enraging and revealing graphic novel is an important exploration of British black history. Utterly ­­­uncompromising, it promises to both shock and educate, and in these fevered times is essential reading.”

Praise for BLACK:

“Tobias Taitt opens a window on a world I scarcely knew existed and tells a powerful story of struggle and redemption. Visceral and moving stuff.”

—Adrian Hodges, Bafta-winning screenwriter of the Oscar-nominated My Week with Marilyn.

“…Compelling, tragic, and strangely humorous…”

—Don John, Founder of Black History Month Southampton

“…A powerful testament to one’s ability to rise up, despite whatever barriers are presented. A must-read to have on your shelf. Loved it.”

—Stephen Anthony Davids, Artist

The Kickstarter campaign is live now here:

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