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THE MIDNIGHT ORDER: Now Live on Kickstarter!

Magnetic Press joins forces with FNAC and Fauve d'Or Award-winning author Mathieu Bablet to Kickstart a witchy and supernatural anthology

Protect mankind from demonic forces as well as magic powers in the wrong hands…

AnnouncingMagnetic Pressoccult horror anthology,THE MIDNIGHT ORDER, written and illustrated by FNAC and Fauve d'Or Award-winning author Mathieu Bablet (SHANGRI-LA, CARBON & SILICON), is now live on Kickstarter!

Produced by Mathieu Bablet and Studio 619, this premium 272-page graphic novel weaves tales of the worldwide practice of witchcraft, featuring prose articles connecting these fictional events to real-world esotericism by Claire Barbe.



For hundreds of years, those attuned to the powers of magic and supernaturalism have been ostracized and persecuted as “witches” by those who do not understand them or wish to maintain power over them. And yet these individuals continued to practice their knowledge in secrecy to protect themselves and those around them from occult evils that would invade our reality. The most dedicated of these individuals formed THE MIDNIGHT ORDER, an organization that grew through generations into a secret globe-spanning organization of agents who protect humanity from unknown demonic forces that could end the world if left unchecked.


“There is something wholly unique about Mathieu’s work that has resonated with readers worldwide,” said Magnetic Press Publisher, Mike Kennedy. “Having published and sold out of three of his books within an 18-month period is testament not only to the gripping quality of those individual titles, but to his consistently impressive imagination and expressive visual direction.THE MIDNIGHT ORDERcarries all those signature qualities through the creative team he has gathered around himself to tell this haunting tale.”

THE MIDNIGHT ORDER will be available in trade paperback, premium hardcover, and a deluxe limited-edition slipcase available exclusively through the campaign which features a removable metal coin embedded in the slipcase box, color printed gilding on the page edges of the book, an exclusive etched metal bookmark, and a foil-stamped and numbered bookplate. A limited-edition “Bablet Collection Box Set” (SHANGRI-LA, CARBON & SILICON, and ADRASTEA) will also be available, exclusively produced and sold through the campaign.


For fans of X-FILES and HELLBOY’s BPRD, the campaign for THE MIDNIGHT ORDERends Oct. 20th. Check outwww.magnetic-press.comfor more info.

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