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“The Disconauts” character illustrations by Luke Balmer-Kemp
“The Disconauts” character illustrations by Luke Balmer-Kemp

This year’s funkiest comic is groovin' its way onto Kickstarter. Ya dig?

Luke Balmer-Kemp (artist) teams up with Jonathan Stevenson (writer) for “The

Disconauts” – a far-out tale of disco space travelers righting wrongs and funking up

bad guys across the galaxy.

Comic Book Yeti has an EXCLUSIVE short the team put together before bringing the full comic to life. Check it out below!

Resolution being wonky? Want to download it instead, and see the double-page spread the way the Good Comics Lord intended? You can download the file here.

The Disconauts #0 - The Hunt For The Dis
Download • 8.71MB

The Kickstarter campaign is set to launch TODAY, June 1st, and run for 30 days. Rewards will include digital and physical editions of “The Disconauts” issue #1, an exclusive Kickstarter variant cover and original artwork by Luke Balmer-Kemp, including a limited number of hand-drawn sketch covers.

Writer Jonathan Stevenson is a former editor at Titan Comics where he oversaw their

Statix Press imprint as well as fan-favorite titles, “Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor,”

“Tank Girl,” “Wolfenstein,” and many more. He also edited “The Wrath of Fantomas”

which was nominated for an Eisner Award in 2020. He is currently a freelance editor

with clients including Humanoids.

“The Disconauts” marks the first full-length comics project for Stevenson as a writer.

“I’ve worked on a lot of short stories for various anthologies, so taking the leap to

full-length issues felt like the next logical step,” he said. “This Kickstarter campaign

is to fund issue #1, but if it’s successful then we have three more issues ready to go.”

Artist Luke Balmer-Kemp stated the pair’s intention when setting out to create “The


“We wanted to do something big, fun and silly. The Disconauts is about

making people smile. It’s a love letter to the animated TV shows we grew up with,

like He-Man and Bravestarr.”

The Disconauts crew is comprised of The Boogie, Kitty Kat, Starfox, Dude Dynamite

and The Whizz. Issue #1 sees them take on the mysterious new fiancé of The

Dancing Queen, known only as Rasputin.

Give it some love on Kickstarter today!


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