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TAMBERLANE, Chapter 4: Now Live on Kickstarter

One stormy night, the citizens of Treehollow, a cozy town of woodland critters, discover a small, strange creature left alone in the middle of the forest. Tiny and abandoned, the little girl only says one word: her name, TAMBERLANE…

Announcing the exciting continuation of the Tamberlane series with Tamberlane: Chapter 4, now live on Kickstarter! Co-created by writer and artist Caytlin Vilbrandt alongside co-writer and editor Ari Noble, the latest edition of this beautifully illustrated Teen+ comic features over 130 pages with 20+ pages of exclusive bonus content, bound in softcover with matte finish, silver foil and UV accents!

Tamberlane’s mysteries continue to unfold. Who (or what) is she? Where did she come from? Are there more creatures like her?

The kits prepare for a field trip to learn about their roots. Tensions rise as they begin to ask the grownups forbidden questions. Dark secrets from Treehollow’s past are unveiled as Oakewood deepens his search for answers about Tamberlane’s identity. As friendships are tested and cracks begin to form, one fateful, deadly night in Bally Bluffs will change everything, and shocking revelations will threaten the very fabric of Belfry’s world.

“I am delighted to introduce new readers to the lush world of Treehollow and its cast of lovable characters, each with their own unique story to tell,” said Caytlin Vilbrandt. “From queer characters like Marie, the transgender skunk girl, to disabled ones like the titular Tamberlane, who communicates best in sign language, Tamberlane showcases a wide range of diverse characters whose identities are not the focus of their roles in the story. As a queer and disabled creator, it is important to me to represent marginalized communities in stories that go beyond their identities, and I am proud to do so with my little found family of Tamberlane characters. When I brought on collaborators for Tamberlane around page 200, I knew it was the right decision. Working with Ari and the rest of the team has been an incredible experience that has only strengthened the story, style, and characters. Ari and I meet every week to discuss Tamberlane, and we're constantly bouncing ideas off each other and immersing ourselves in this world. We live and breathe the story every day, and I can't wait for readers to join us on this thrilling journey of what it means to be an outsider.”

“Working with Caytlin on Tamberlane has been such a gift. It's rare to meet someone with such bold and unique ideas, strong storytelling sensibilities, and the kind heart and open mind that make for the best writing partner,” said Ari Noble. “Stemming from the simple story of a mother raising a daughter is an expansive story of trauma and the healing of community, built on a melting pot of genres, from fantasy to science fiction to hopepunk and even horror. Webcomics are a unique medium, and I think delivering it in a serial format online, to the feedback of so many people from so many walks of life, has given us a chance to develop this story in a way that celebrates the diversity of thought, experience, body and mind, both in ourselves and in these characters, and I can't wait to share that with more people in this collection.”


Tamberlane: Chapter 4 marks the exciting conclusion to the first arc, to be included in the Tamberlane Omnibus. The collection will feature chapters 1 - 4 and over 500 pages of content that includes behind the scenes, directors' commentary annotations, translations for Growl, Ruchirri, and Trissol, and more!

For fans of the Secret of NIMH and Pogo, the campaign for Tamberlane: Chapter 4 ends May 25. The webseries updates for free every Wednesday, and books 1-3 can also be purchased on The Tamberlane Shop! Additional inking by Jonas, color flatting by Elle Pierre (Twins, Evelyn & Avery) and Knack Whittle (The Hills of Estrella Roja), and web formatting by Koda Star.

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