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A new sci-fi adventure comic book series featuring art by Cliff Richards & Butcher Billy, and music by UNSECRET & DJ Form!

Grammy-nominated artists and producers, Unsecret and DJ Form, are back on the comics scene with an exciting new Kickstarter campaign, SEVEN DEAD STARS: A UNIVERSE BEGINS

This exciting dual release of the space adventure series includes two foundational comics: Issue #0, the 24-page origin story, including a variant edition by Butcher Billy, and an official 34-page guidebook overview of the characters and storyline.Seven Dead Stars features a star-studded roster of creators, with art by Cliff Richards (Batman, Justice League, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), colors by Michael Bartolo (Captain America, Iron Man, Star Wars), and letters and layout by Kathryn Renta (Wonder Woman, Call of Duty).


FORM, who is one of the last humans in the galaxy, and UNSECRET, a helmeted mercenary who doesn't remember who he truly is, make their living as GRID RUNNERS, smuggling energy from the Seven Dead Stars for alien communities living off the grid.


After a disastrous encounter with the Scorpio Regime, Form and Unsecret embark upon an unexpected adventure when they crash land on a strange planet. What they encounter there will change their lives—and the universe—forever!


Unsecret and DJ Form spoke of the launch:

“Making comics independently is a labor of love—so supporting crowdfunding campaigns is incredibly helpful! We want to build a real community around this story, and we're giving folks the opportunity to join us on this journey at its genesis, which is why we're thrilled to unveil Issue #0 and the guidebook—the building blocks of our Seven Dead Stars universe."


Show your support for this independently-created comic book universe and unlock epic tiers including a soundtrack pressed on vinyl (feat. previously unreleased remixes), colorful stickers, cool exclusive swag, and more!  

The campaign for Seven Dead Stars: A Universe Begins, ends April 5.

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