Writer: David Andry Art: Alejandro Aragón Publisher: Vault Comics

Resonant, issue #3, cover, Vault Comics, Andry/Aragón
Resonant, issue #3, cover, Vault Comics, Andry/Aragón


A post-apocalyptic story with a family at its center and a strange force seemingly at the center of humanity's downfall.

If you've seen the 2008 film, The Signal, this comic might remind you a little of that.


(Minor Spoilers)

Paxton has been captured, currently sailing away from his family. With no idea of where he and his fellow prisoners are going, it’s not a great situation. In fact, it's an agonizing one for the usually cool and clear-headed father, as other father might expect.

Paxton's left his daughter, Bec, in charge of her younger brothers. She tries to maintain order in the house, but her little brother refuses to respect her decisions, and Bec is all but powerless to stop him from doing what he wants.

Things are falling apart quickly in this series for our central family, and all we can do is watch through our fingers as we cover our faces from worry.