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PRESS RELEASE: The End is Nigh for Shelfdust!

“Shelfdust” Becomes “Farewellfdust” with the launch of a hot new weekly feature available only for backers at!

Dust to Dust

Written by site owner and rabbit Steve Morris, DUST TO DUST will take a weekly look at the final issues of various acclaimed comic book runs including 100 Bullets and Preacher, exploring the successes and failures of creators in closing the final chapter on their epic stories. “If you judge a book by the cover,” Morris told us about his new feature, “then you judge the look by the lover”. DUST TO DUST will also cover issues which weren’t technically the end of the run, but basically were really, such as the last issue of Immortal Iron Fist by Matt Fraction and David Aja.

Considered by many to be the giant in his field (nearly as much as your favorite comic-book-consuming yeti), Morris has written about comics for over a decade at sites like ComicsAlliance, The Beat, and CBR back when it wuz good. When we asked him what drove him to spend 2022 writing about final issues, he said “when your girl has left you out on the pavement, then your dreams fall apart at the seams. Your reason for living's your reason for leaving…” before tailing off and leaving the room to take a shower during which we could hear extended sobbing.

DUST TO DUST will be published every Friday until Morris either runs out of steam or gets too sad. It’ll also be a Patreon-exclusive feature throughout 2022, in yet another example of left-wing media hiding their content behind a paywall and playing directly into the hands of the alt-right. He explained that the paywall was necessary, however, telling us “sisters and brothers should help each other. Heavens above!!”

Copyright © 2022 Shelfdust, All rights reserved.

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