The Psychological Effects of Repressed Emotion – An Interview with PETER MILLIGAN about HAPPY HOUR

Katie Liggera is once again on the AHOY Comics beat here to chat with Peter Milligan about his most recent AHOY series Happy Hour, and to sneak in a question or two about his new series with Vault Comics, Human Remains.

COMIC BOOK YETI: Hello, Peter! It’s a pleasure to have you here at the Yeti Cave. Before we dive into questions about Happy Hour and your latest project, Human Remains, I’d like to ask you about your writing process. How long do you let a story germinate before writing a comic script? With Happy Hour, did you feel a desire to write immediately after inspiration hit, or did you wait until you’d plotted out a good portion of the narrative?

Happy Hour, TPB cover, AHOY Comics, Milligan/Montenant/Sobreiro

PETER MILLIGAN: It all depends on the story. On how quickly I manage to home in on the central themes, which is another way of saying what the thing is all about. Happy Hour actually germinated for a number of years, though I wasn’t really aware of it. It was just a process of making observations and reading certain things and finally a story coming into view. Human Remains was a relatively quick process. It was triggered by an observation and the story really came together very quickly.

CBY: I’d like to mention what a fan I’ve been of Happy Hour, published through pro-satire comic publisher, AHOY Comics. The first issue solicit and art sold me on day one. Congratulations to you and the entire creative team on seeing the first Happy Hour trade come to fruition! I see elements from popular literature, films, and philosophical theories present in the comic. What inspired you to write Happy Hour? Did you draw from any personal experiences in crafting the script?