Order Up: An Interview with Jed McPherson

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

We recently corresponded with Jed McPherson, writer of Deadbeat and the Show, to discuss his crime comic, Cuddles, the differences in writing for prose vs. comics, along with a killer list of crime stories for you to check out.

COMIC BOOK YETI: Jed, thank you for joining me today to talk about this wicked comic you, Marco [Perugini], and Shan [Bennion] put together. Personally, the crime genre is one of those genres I never seem to get enough of. What is it about the crime genre that sparks your interest as a creator?

JED McPHERSON: I think at my heart I’m a character writer and, at least to my mind, a good crime story is character-first. You’ve got all these interesting characters with conflicting loyalties, personalities. Then you put them into hyper-stressful, life-or-death situations and see how it plays out.

CBY: What was the initial idea behind Cuddles?