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OF BITTER SOULS - An Interview With Chuck Satterlee

Chuck Satterlee is a writer and creator of comics whose first series was published in 1995. Chuck took some time away from comics but is back now with a vengeance and several new series in the works.

First though, Chuck has a Kickstarter project, which is set to launch Monday, April 11th. This is a 400 page omnibus collecting the series Of Bitter Souls, which Chuck wrote around 2005 with artist Norm Breyfogle. The omnibus includes all 198 pages of story plus pin-ups by some of today's top artists and several short stories set in the world of Of Bitter Souls. Chuck talks about the series and why he wanted to collect everything into an omnibus, his start in comics, how he ended up working with Norm Breyfogle, and so much more.



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