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Nottingham Vol. 2: A Kings Ransom Limited Edition Hardcover Now Available!

The exclusive hardcover is limited to 500 copies and only available on the Mad Cave Studios website!

Follow Everard Blackthorn as he teams up with the unlikeliest of allies to save King Richard! With the fate of Nottingham hanging in the balance, who will take the throne? Mad Cave Studios invites you to revisit the second installment of the quest for justice in Nottingham Vol. 2: A King’s Ransom Hardcover Edition, written by David Hazan with art by Shane Connery-Volk; colors by Luca Romano and letters by Justin Birch! Limited to 500 copies, this Mad Cave Studios exclusive is only available on the official Mad Cave website, and contains a signed bookplate, along with the Noir Edition of Nottingham #6! Nottingham Vol. 2: A King’s Ransom Hardcover Edition collects issues #6-10 of the critically acclaimed medieval noir.


"Mad Cave have really helped us craft a beautiful product in the Nottingham Vol. 2: A King’s Ransom Hardcover Edition... and this one's for the fans," said writer David Hazan. "Once again it comes with a bookplate signed by both myself and Shane, alongside the black and white version of Nottingham #6. It also has that fancy new book smell! So pick one up and breathe in that medieval mayhem once more!"

"I’m so grateful to the fans of Nottingham for coming along with us on this ride!" said artist Shane Connery Volk. "They made Vol. 1 a massive success and they blew us away again with their love and support of Vol. 2! I’m thrilled to see it in hardcover, and I can’t wait for fans to see what comes next!"

"Truly excited to see this volume enshrined in a hardcover edition! It has some of my favorite pages and most memorable moments we've revealed so far," said colorist Luca Romano. "I had a great time coloring the desperate journey of our dear sheriff all the way from the familiar Nottinghamshire to my home country of Italy! A road painted veritable red with treason and sacrifices, as no doubt our readers can foresee—Always remember: let ye of noble blood beware, leave no lords, leave no heirs!"


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