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Creator: Miyuli (@miyuliart)

Publisher: WEBTOON (@webtoonofficial)

Editors: Eunice Baik

Flat Colors: Rasenth, Daniel de la Cruz, Elora Illustrations

Linework Assistance: Elora Illustrations

Music: Isabella LeVan

Morgana and Oz by Miyuli


An angsty vampire and a struggling witch have a chance encounter that could lead to either love or war in this webcomic filled with magic, romance, and talking cats.

Think Kiki’s Delivery Service meets A Discovery of Witches.


(Minor Spoilers)

When a meeting between the Red Vampire clan and the witches of the Winterberry household takes place, tensions are high and accusations are thrown like daggers. Morgana misses the long awaited dinner after accidentally setting her dress on fire and heads outside to rid herself of the evidence. It’s there that she comes across a vampire named Oz who is suspiciously lingering in her backyard.

As things heat up inside the manor, Morgana accidentally casts a spell in the midst of the chaos, only realizing a few days later what occurred that night when the strange vampire shows up at her window. Except, he's not a vampire anymore, he's a cat! Desperate to return to his regular form, Oz strikes a bargain with Morgana in the hopes of once again becoming a vampire. Little does he realize, Morgana struggles with spell casting and has no idea how to help him. Will their strange new relationship lead to an all out war between their families, or can their new understanding finally put a stop to a generations old feud?


  • Miyuli has created a wonderful narrative that mixes elements of urban fantasy with age-old legends that is tangible and engaging for a wide variety of readers. The world-building and dialogue have been written with exceptional care and the cast of characters are given proper time to develop.

  • The whimsical, charming artwork is a highlight of this series. Vividly colored, each panel looks like a painting and the character designs feel right at home in the setting Miyuli has created. The mixture of cottagecore vibes with modern aesthetics creates a spellbinding style that is as adorable as it is cozy and unique.

  • The variety of speech/thought bubbles really enhances the conversation and internal dialogue. Small changes like shape and color help associate them to specific characters and distinguish between dialogue styles, as well as perfectly portray tone and emotion in the process.

  • Miyuli's team of editors, colorists, and line workers must be applauded for their diligence and hard work in the series. Every panel and small detail is done with so much care and it wouldn't be possible without their help.

  • LeVan’s addition of music in some of the later chapters really elevated the series to a new level. It utilizes the digital medium and brings the story to life with a rich new aspect.

  • Finding interesting and original ways to showcase magic is a complicated art form nowadays. Miyuli uses puffs of smoke as well as a language made of symbols to portray the spells, adding to the whimsical and flittering nature of the series.

  • The set pieces are stunning. Everything from the architecture of the manors to the interior design is heavily detailed and eye catching.

  • A special note must be made for a beautiful addition to the panel/scene transitions that enhances the overall tone in a subtle way. Trailing foliage and ink blot-like effects are placed behind panels, often connecting important moments to each other or tapering off at the end of a scene. They are striking additions that help fill in empty space between panels.

  • The dynamic between Morgana and Oz feels classic. The not-so-tough bad boy and the sweet but struggling girl are common tropes for stories such as this, but with the fantasy elements and modern upgrades Miyuli wove into the webcomic, they feel fresh and new. They stand above their initial appearances and become iconic and empathetic characters that are so much more than we are first led to believe.

  • Morgana's journey to finding self-confidence is a highlight of the webcomic. Though it's still in its early stages, it's a story that many can relate to and it's nice to see a young female protagonist trying to better herself without feeling the need to change who she is in the process.

  • The fashion in this webcomic is a major part of the charm and appeal of this story. There are undeniable traits to what both the vampires and witches wear that make them instantly recognizable while still being modern and appropriate for their archetypes.

  • The overall mystery at the heart of the first season slowly builds over the 39 eps. and ends with a satisfying and gasp-worthy conclusion. It's a well-paced and thought out narrative that establishes the remainder of the series with flare and care.


  • CW: Mild language, some frightening scenes, blood, mild violence.

  • The first few chapters throw a lot of characters and names at you and then many of them vanish shortly after, making it a bit hard to keep track of who is who if you're not binging the series. The cast is large and well thought out but it can be hard to manage at first.

  • A big chunk of the first season heavily features slice-of-life elements (shopping, cleaning, making tea, etc.). While saturated with a magical flare, it does slow the pacing down a bit so readers who were hooked by the climactic first few episodes may find the change a bit jarring.

Morgana and Oz art and story by Miyuli


A webcomic filled with cottagecore style, the whimsy of a Ghibli film, and a spellbinding narrative, Morgana and Oz is a cozy fantasy series that brings together the worlds of witches and vampires with an approachable narrative that readers both young and old can appreciate. Beautifully illustrated and scripted, the story of a well-meaning witch trying her best and her reluctant new vampire companion is simply a delightful read.

The slice-of-life meets fantasy narrative allows for a rich dynamic between the leads, while the light romance and coming-of-age elements solidify this series as an absolute must for any webcomic enthusiast. Filled with rich lore and world-building, honest characters, and beautiful fantasy elements, Morgana and Oz is a must for fans of spooky-cute aesthetics. Now is the perfect time to read through season one before the story picks back up again in the near future!


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