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Magma Comix has teamed up with local creators to support those affected by the 2023 fires

Following the devastating fires on Maui on August 8th, 2023, including the tragic Lahaina Town fire that claimed the lives, homes, and livelihood of many of its residents, Hawaiʻi’s comic book creators have come together to tell the rich stories of the island to help support those affected by the tragedy.  

Maui Strong is an anthology that adapts some of Maui’s beloved tales and histories, called moʻolelo, which contain many wisdoms, parables, and lessons. The combination of the word moʻo, which means a series or succession, and ʻōlelo, meaning words, are the stories and histories of Hawaiʻi. Moʻolelo were told to preserve Hawaiian histories, concepts, beliefs, idioms, proverbs, poetry, and more. 


With 40 pages of stories and cover by Aaron Nakahara, Maui Strong celebrates a centuries-old cultural tradition the way it used to be done, with a moʻolelo and a chant, from local talent including: Tom Bacon, Mark Gould, Blaze Hoʻomakoa, Brooke Hutchins, Jillian Ikehara. Nāinoa Kahiona, D.J. Keawekane, Aaron Nakahara, Kel Nuttall, Carl Shinyama, Joshua Sky, Chase Tokutaro, Kanila Tripp


The fundraising efforts and the purchases of this book will give proceeds towards Maui Rapid Response, helping to give direct aid to those affected by the fires.


“Having grown up on Maui, the devastation from the fires in Lahaina and across the island crushed me. So many memories, homes, businesses, historic landmarks and lives were lost overnight,” said creator Joshua Sky. “Like many locals at home and abroad, I yearned to do something, but wasn't sure just what. Then the idea to create a comics anthology emerged, a project raising funds for our community, which remains in dire need. Hawaii possesses an untapped pantheon of incredible stories, the mo'olelo, passed down through the generations, yet they remain largely unknown to the world. Growing up, I remember being struck by how I had never heard such captivating, colorful stories that captured my imagination. This anthology represents a remarkable opportunity to bring these powerful myths and parables to life. I'm honored to contribute my voice as a writer to this noble cause. May this serve as a testament to the resilience and spirit of Maui's people.”

“Watching everyone near and far come together with the deepest and most heartfelt aloha to help those affected by Maui fires this summer has been an inspiration beyond words,” said editor Carl Shinyama. “#MauiStrong has come to symbolize and embody that aloha spirit. To honor and to contribute to that, we have adapted some of Maui’s most beloved mo‘olelo into comic book form by Hawaiian artists and writers.”


“When the news of the wildfire first broke, I was speaking with Maui native Joshua Sky about making comics,” said Founder & CEO of Magma Comix, Denton J. Tipton. “When the extent of the devastation was more clearly revealed, we began discussing ways that we could possibly help, and soon we were again talking about making comics. Joshua connected me with the community in Maui to learn how best to bring some relief to the people affected, and Maui Strong was born out of that conversation.”


Originally founded in 2020 by Denton J. Tipton as an imprint of Heavy Metal, the newly minted Magma Comix relaunched in July of 2023. Readers can learn more about Magma Comix’s Maui Strong on Twitter/X.

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