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Mad Cave Studios Launches the Mad Community Street Team Initiative

Mad Cave Studios is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Mad Community Street Team Initiative! This initiative aims to connect with dedicated fans and local comic shop regulars to empower and support them to continue being the influential advocates they already are.

The Mad Cave Street Team Initiative is an exciting opportunity for passionate individuals to join forces with Mad Cave Studios to actively promote creators and stories within your local area. By participating in this program, ambassadors will have the chance to represent Mad Cave Studios, engage with fellow enthusiasts, and make a lasting impact on the success of varying creator titles. "We are incredibly excited to launch our Mad Community Mad Cave Street Team initiative," said Allison Pond, CMO at Mad Cave Studios. "This program allows us to connect with our passionate fans on a deeper level and harness their enthusiasm to create a positive impact in their communities. Our regional reps, Christina Harrinton and Chris LaTorre are looking forward to working closely with our ambassadors and empowering them to become influential voices for our brand."


Key features of the Mad Community Street Team Initiative include:

  • Exclusive Benefits: Ambassadors will enjoy a range of exclusive perks, including access to pre-release products, special discounts, and insider information about upcoming events and promotions.

  • Community Engagement: Ambassadors will be encouraged to organize and participate in local events, meetups, and social gatherings to foster a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Plus, you’ll have access to our secret Street Team channel on the official Mad Cave Studios Discord Server.

  • Brand Connection: Ambassadors will become extensions of the Mad Cave brand, receiving official Mad Cave Studios shirts, merchandise, and promotional materials representing our ethos, the creators, the characters, and the community with every shop visit.

  • Recognition and Rewards: Outstanding ambassadors who demonstrate exceptional dedication and commitment to the program will have the opportunity to receive recognition and rewards, such as featured spotlights on our website and social media platforms.


To get started, fill out our official The Mad Cave Street Team application: Once you complete the form, reach out to Christina Harrington: (East Region) or Chris LaTorre: (West Region) based on your location. Stay updated on the latest news and developments from Mad Cave Studios, follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok at @madcavestudios.

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