Lively Lunar Ladies: An Interview with Omar Morales

We had a fascinating chat with Omar Morales, writer of the new Scout Comics book The Lunar Ladies, to dig deeper below the surface of this sci-fi saga inspired by the Golden Age character Moon Girl.

COMIC BOOK YETI: Thank you for your time, Omar, and for answering our questions. What is your duty of care to the original Moon Girl character and comics? How did you preserve the essence of the EC comics character while telling new stories and how do you know what to throw out and what to keep?

OMAR MORALES: I kept the basic framework of the Moon Girl lore intact for The Lunar Ladies interpretation for Scout Comics. Still intact are things like the central character, Clare, descending from a long line of warrior women from the moon, and as long as she wears the moonstone necklace, she is invincible in battle. I thought it’d be interesting to explore that if the moonstone is a family heirloom, and her mother has to give up the necklace, how does that leave the family vulnerable? What happens if a villain gets ahold of the necklace – this is akin to Lex Luthor obtaining some kryptonite. So, I took some latitude to explore an original story. That’s the deal with public domain characters – you have to tweak them in a way that’s original, otherwise, it’s against the spirit of the public domain rules to just parrot somebody else’s existing interpretation.

CBY: Did you study the 2011 reboot of the character too and were any elements of that series used in your tale? When did you first encounter the original Moon Girl book and what appealed to you about it?