Let’s Get WEIRD Again for the First Time – An Interview with JORDAN THOMAS

Jordan Thomas is a successful Kickstarter creator and enthusiastic supporter. His latest project is issue #2 of WEIRD WORK, a “multi-colored sci-fi psychedelic-noir series.” Jordan steps in and brightens up the Yeti Cave.

COMIC BOOK YETI: Let us start off with WEIRD WORK (presently exceeding its funding goal). This book reminds me of other trippy colorful comics like Strange Days, Zot, Madman and Zenith. Where did the inception of this book come from and how did you pitch it to the creative team?

Weird Work, Burnt Barn Comics, Issue #2, cover, Thomas/Kane/Lettersquids

JORDAN THOMAS: Well, first off, I certainly appreciate those comparisons. As people may know, we had a guest pinup by Brendan McCarthy on issue one and now we have Michael Allred providing his unique take on our characters for the current campaign, so definitely visually that’s the kind of company we’re keeping.

Shaky does totally have his own thing going on though, which brings it back round to your question. I put out a book called Quarantine last year where a different artist drew every page of the story. One of these artists was the man himself, Shaky Kane. The thing was that I didn’t feel like the page Shaky got