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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Death of Comics Bookcase, Vol. 1

Six stories, 48 pages, one epic demise! This new anthology comic is written by Zack Quaintance, founder and former editor of the defunct comics blog, Comics Bookcase, which is being murdered in these pages...publically...and purely for entertainment purposes, of course. 

"I shut down my comics site a couple years ago to focus on creating comics," Quaintance said. "Now, I'm dusting it off to tell the tale of the titular Bookcase's demise. There will be blood...and bookcases...and comics. It'll be great!"

One of the standout stories in the book is GOLDMASK!, which features art by Luke Horsman, colors by Jason Wordie, and letters by Rob Jones. Story synopsis: The dark wizard Goldmask has finally infiltrated the vaunted Tower of Zadicus, but he is simply NOT ready for the horrors this 8-page action-comedy high fantasy thriller.

United by a shared cheeky sensibility, the rest of the book features a range of genres and a mix of rising/established creators. In its pages, Kickstarter backers will find a horror story by artist Anna Readman (Dancing Queen, 2000AD), colorist Brad Simpson, and letterer Becca Carey; a superhero story by artist Nick Cagnetti (Pink Lemonade)with letterer  François Vigneault; crime by artist Pat Skott (Next Door), colorist Ellie Wright, and letterer Rob Jones; and sci-fi/war by artist PJ Holden (2000 AD, Battle Action), colorist Dearhbla Kelly, and letterer Simon Bowland.

Tying the whole book together is a framing sequence, where an actual anthropomorphic comics bookcase is telling the tales, and that story is illustrated by Ryan Lee (Mountainhead, Rick and Morty) with colors by Doug Garbark, and letters by Shawn Lee.

John McCrea - Mike Spicer Cover

In addition, the book will feature a main cover by John McCrea with colors by Mike Spicer; a deluxe edition cover by Raul Allen, and a variant cover by Nick Cagnetti, all available exclusively this spring via Kickstarter.


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