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EXCLUSIVE Excerpt from Ahoy's PROJECT: CRYPTID #4 story by Liana Kangas, Jazzlyn Stone, Ted & Ro!

On December 20th, AHOY Comics will publish PROJECT: CRYPTID #4, the latest installment of the jam-packed anthology featuring unbelievably hilarious and hilariously unbelievable tales about cryptids from around the world.

Featuring comics and short stories from well-established creators as well as new voices (like Yours, Truly), PROJECT: CRYPTID will transport readers from the depths of Loch Ness to the wilds of the Yeti’s Himalayan Mountains to the Ohio backroads where the Loveland Frogman lurks, asking the important questions like are any of these mysterious, unthinkable creatures actually real?

And more importantly, are they funny? 

Thanks to Ahoy Comics, we are proud to share this exclusive excerpt from the fourth issue: the first 5 pages from "Siren Song" by co-writers Liana Kangas and Jazzlyn Stone and artists Ted & Ro.


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