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One for the bosses: Portland fave GOBLINKO drops an action RPG, soon to be classic video game Kickstarter 

Grab a snack and a drink, GOBLINKO is kicking it old school with its first classic-style RPG video game, DUNGEON DEGENERATES: THE BATTLE FOR BRÜTTLEBURG


From the mind of Sean Äaberg, this goofy, morbid, dark and dirty fantasy is a Beat 'Em Up, Action RPG, that follows Juvenile delinquent, Salt, the runt of the gang who has been thrown in the dungeon of the ancient, seething Fortress City Brüttelburg. To get his low life back on track, he works with different eccentric, underworld characters, various gangs, social clubs, neighborhood associations and monsters, all to make his way to the top of the city with an idea of who is pulling the strings.  Upon release you look to get your low-life back on track by checking in with various factions and avoiding others, but everything is upside down!  

Art, concept & design by Sean Äaberg, design by Chris Perry, with music by The Funky Worm. Produced by Katie Äaberg.

"After the fifth printing of GOBLINKO's hit indie board game, Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom, I wanted to create something new,” said creator Sean Äaberg. “Dungeon Degenerates: The Battle For Brüttelburg defies genres but uses a variety of elements to bring a unique, narrative-heavy gaming experience. Taking place in the in-depth, full-flavor world of GOBLINKO, I can’t wait for the people to get their hands on it!”


A former conventional illustrator, left-handed artist Sean Äaberg began creating pixel art with his right hand after a massive stroke in 2018. His love for the form has been growing since the dawn of Pong, well into the age of NES and beyond with its vivid colors and cubist brutalism, all to bring vintage game lovers this all-new classic style Action RPG.

For gamers who love River City Ransom and Earthbound (Mother)—with inspiration drawn from the likes of Double Dragon, Ghosts & Goblins, Golden Axe, The Legend of Zelda and all the beloved mid-80s titles, Dungeon Degenerates: The Battle For Brüttelburg is a hot contender, so LEVEL UP! The campaign ends May 30th.

To check out the latest games, ‘zines, books, pins, t-shirts and other swag from GOBLINKO, visit 

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