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Cruella De Vil & Gargoyles coming to Kindle

Two amazing Disney titles from Dynamite are now available on Kindle. Get ready to hit the runway with Cruella De Vil and the conclusion of the Dark Age flashback from Gargoyles!!


Writer - Sweeney Boo Artist - Miriana Puglia

Things are not going great for our former-dognapper-turned-reformed-dog-liker. Her home is in disarray, her reputation is still in tatters, and suddenly...GOATS!? Can Cruella get a hold on her chaotic life, and is the cause of all this madness the mysterious woman that's following her every move?


Writer - Greg Weisman Artist - Drew Moss

Colorist - Martina Pignedoli Letterer - Jeff Eckleberry The Gargoyles attempt to reason with a Dragon - and the resulting battle, high in the skies above Castle Wyvern, will change their destiny forever!

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