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Comic Book Yeti Lives that Groove Life, Baby

So, there's a new brand I've been seeing around the Internet and while I'm streaming. They're called Groove Life, and they make rings, belts and more. Luckily, Melissa Meszaros at Don't Hide PR had the hook-up, and Groove Life let me check out their new Marvel line. More on their belt below, but first, here's the official word:

Groove Life® has partnered with Marvel© for a very special line of officially licensed rings and belts of all sizes! Now’s your chance to show your love for the Avengers, Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor and more! Styling yourself in comfort, this collection is sure to bring out the superhero in everyone, and is the perfect stocking-stuffer for the superhero in your life this holiday season!

Made for maximum breathability, Groove Life® rings are made from 100% medical-grade silicone materials, with a unique comfort inner band that calms your fears of injury and discomfort. All belts are made with durable proprietary webbing and a buckle made from aluminum alloy and neodymium magnets and will be the strongest belt in your closet (outside of you, of course).

So, I got to check out the belt shown above (and below!). The packaging was no-frills and simple, which is great because you're buying a belt, not bells and whistles. It lists the main selling points right there on the front:

  • Magnetic buckle (which is super strong)

  • Adjust once (the way this buckles, you don't have to fit it every time you wear it)

  • Perfect stretch

The stretch thing was a surprise. From the pictures, I thought the belt itself was maybe metallic, but they use a strong fiber for it, instead. It has some give to it, just enough to make it feel comfortable, rather than restricting, but also firmly keeps your pants up.

Plus, they talk about their 94-year warranty. Not sure why they couldn't round up to 100, but I don't think I'll be around to call them on year 95. But this thing feels sturdy, so I also doubt I'd need to. Still, it's nice to know they stand behind their product. I bought a belt for $30 that's falling apart 3 years later, but they didn't offer any warranty.

When you take it out of its packaging, it's all connected. It took me a sec to figure out how to disengage the buckle, because I'm not the brightest yeti. You just push both sides, left and right, toward one another, and it'll open right up for you. This is the best time to adjust the belt to your waist size. You've gotta give it a good pull to tighten it, but it's worth it – you know it'll stay tight.

It's not often I showcase this...uh...area in the blog, but thought you might like to see how it looks in real life. It fits well, and looks pretty damn cool, if I say so myself.

So, if you're thinking about buying a gift for the comics fan in your life, head to Groove Life® and say, "Make Mine Marvel!"

CBY was not paid for this story, but we did happily accept the Marvel belt, which this yeti is wearing right now.

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