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Bram Stoker Award finalist launches EXORCISTS on Kickstarter!

EXORCISTS by Tom Leveen is Now Live on Kickstarter

October Chronicles kicks off EXORCISTS, the exciting new three-issue supernatural series created and written by novelist and Bram Stoker Award finalist Tom Leveen (SPAWN), with art and colors by Marco Bovi and letters and editing by John Robinson IV.

Three unlikely survivors of a demonic possession apocalypse attempt a global exorcism to save the world from descending into Hell.

A depressed widower, a punk-rock pastor, and a demon-possessed teenage a girl are the only people who can perform a global exorcism at a hidden sacred site to free the entire globe from a mass demonic possession.


“I’ve been so fortunate with the artists I’ve worked with, first with my YA comic BECKETT’S LAST MIXTAPE, and now again with Marco on EXORCISTS,” said Tom Leveen. “He gets what I’m after, and brings these characters and scenarios to life in dramatic fashion. I love seeing his email pop up in my inbox, because I know when I open it I’m gonna be thrilled!”

“I'm really enjoying working on this script!” said Marco Bovi. “The first time I met Tom he asked me if I was willing to join him on a horror story and, you know, the first thing I thought was like Oh no, I'm done with bloody gore—And well, I was wrong! So far it's been very rewarding, I like the script and how it’s balanced with action, feelings, and blood of course. Tom is a great writer and I really hope my work could be up to these wonderful characters.”


EXORCISTS is about our demons—real or metaphorical, individual or corporate. Demons that only exist because we allow them to, and their only function is to cause pain. We are stronger than those demons – IF we take action!

Rewards include digital copies, prose bundles, virtual author visits, and more…

Fans who love WE HAVE DEMONS and LUCKY DEVIL will definitely dig EXORCISTS—but don’t wait for the rapture; the campaign ends Nov. 2nd!

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