Creators: Deya Muniz (@DeyaMuniz) and Emily Erdos (@emilyerdosart)

Editors: Dayna Broder, Maura Milan, Amani Kabwe

Publisher: Webtoon

Blades of Furry Title by Erdos and Muniz


Blades of Furry is a fast-paced sports and romance webcomic that features bright illustrations, high-energy action, and adorable romantic antics.

Think Yuri!!! on Ice meets Beastars or Zootopia.


(Minor Spoilers)

Up-and-coming Skate Battle star Emile Fia is thrown off guard when his final opponent for the Series 1 finale is revealed: the seemingly unstoppable Radu Basanko. Charming and talented, Radu is a champion several times over who is beloved by fans (especially Emile) and is a shoo-in to claim the victory.

When an accident occurs in the rink, Emile discovers Radu harbors a dark secret, one that could destroy his career forever should it become public knowledge. Radu is a vampire and his kind are not welcome in the sport. Emile promises to keep his secret and, in exchange, Radu offers to help coach him. The two decide to put aside their differences and preconceived notions to work together and go for the gold. The unlikely teammates, however, may turn into something more as the on-ice closeness turns up the heat between them.