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Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Creators: Deya Muniz (@DeyaMuniz) and Emily Erdos (@emilyerdosart)

Editors: Dayna Broder, Maura Milan, Amani Kabwe

Publisher: Webtoon

Blades of Furry by Deya Muniz and Emily Erdos


Blades of Furry is a fast-paced sports and romance webcomic that features bright illustrations, high-energy action, and adorable romantic antics.

Think Yuri!!! on Ice meets Beastars or Zootopia.


(Minor Spoilers)

Up-and-coming Skate Battle star Emile Fia is thrown off guard when his final opponent for the Series 1 finale is revealed: the seemingly unstoppable Radu Basanko. Charming and talented, Radu is a champion several times over who is beloved by fans (especially Emile) and is a shoo-in to claim the victory.

When an accident occurs in the rink, Emile discovers Radu harbors a dark secret, one that could destroy his career forever should it become public knowledge. Radu is a vampire and his kind are not welcome in the sport. Emile promises to keep his secret and, in exchange, Radu offers to help coach him. The two decide to put aside their differences and preconceived notions to work together and go for the gold. The unlikely teammates, however, may turn into something more as the on-ice closeness turns up the heat between them.


  • Muniz and Erdos have truly reinvigorated and freshened up the tried and true sports genre. The mixture of martial arts and figure skating is a unique approach that adds an exciting spin on the typical expectations one might walk into when they see “sports.”

  • The choice to go anthropomorphic with the characters was truly a genius move. It’s just one more reason why the webcomic stands out amongst the competition of others in the genre. It invokes a nostalgia for Saturday morning cartoons and instills that sense of whimsical wonder that comes alongside many beloved, classic animation styles.

  • The soft, pastel color palette of Emile’s outfits, which is perfectly contrasted by Radu’s goth on-ice persona, are some of the most striking pieces of the comic. They are definitely costumes worthy of the Olympics.

  • The writing is charming, quippy, and easy to read. The attention to appropriate tones and inflections for the characters really comes through in the text. It adds to their personalities and really brings them to life.

  • The diversity in the cast is a highlight of the narrative. With queer romance and a range of gender identities, Blades of Furry has a wide and inclusive group of characters that all shine (both individually and as a group).

  • The supporting cast is given quite a bit of attention, which is not often seen in webcomics with a main romantic plot as the main focus of the narrative. The other skaters and coaches are given optimal time to develop and really steal the spotlight whenever they show up.

  • The romance feels quite natural, unlike what has is expected nowadays in a typical BL (boy’s love) story where it comes across as forced. You truly find yourself cheering on Emile and Radu’s budding romance.

  • There are tons of incredibly funny animal-related puns, especially in the advertisements and business names (i.e. Adideer, EweTube, and Shake Shark) which adds to the very naturally flowing comedy.


  • Strong language, some blood and violence, and a dream sequence with mild gore.

  • There are a few minor formatting issues with the lettering (usually a double space between words in a sentence) but they are hardly noticeable.

  • The concept of Skate Battles is unique and inventive, but there isn’t much exposition on the sport itself. It would have been nice to have a small section explaining things like belt levels and what’s needed to win a match (the finer mechanics of it) for the nerds out there (though this does not impact the story at all, it’s just a fascinating concept that feels as if it could be highlighted/expounded upon).


Blades of Furry by Erdos and Muniz

Described by the creators as “your favorite furry-vampire-gay-romance-figure-skating-battle comic,” Blades of Furry burst onto the webcomic scene in late 2020 and took the WebToon community by storm. With its sharp sense of humor, exceptional illustrations, and lovable cast of characters, this webcomic captured the hearts of readers everywhere with fervor. Animal puns and quirky comedy in abundance, this fresh take on the competitive sports genre is nothing short of an instant classic.

The mixture of martial arts and figure skating has created a gripping competition to follow, with all of the locker room drama that comes alongside the journey to the podium. The fast-paced action and gushy romance make this series a must-read for any webcomic fan (or the countless number of us who were left with holes in our hearts after Yuri!!! on Ice ended). With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, Blades of Furry is a contender to keep your eyes on. It’s simply an exceptionally fun read.

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