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ABLAZE Presents the Life of Rock Music Icon Jimi Hendrix in HENDRIX: ELECTRIC REQUIEM

New graphic novel debuting on May 18th charts the life and rise to fame of the pioneering guitarist and rock legend.

Publisher ABLAZE delights and intrigues rock music and comics fans with the release on May 18th of HENDRIX: ELECTRIC REQUIEM, a bold new Docu-Graphic novel about the life of iconic rocker Jimi Hendrix, depicted with flair and colorful psychedelic artwork that tells the story of the rise of the music pioneer who made an indelible mark on rock-and-roll and helped to change modern culture forever for future generations.

HENDRIX: ELECTRIC REQUIEM is distributed worldwide by Diamond Comic and Diamond Book Distributors and will be available in-print and digitally.

HENDRIX: ELECTRIC REQUIEM, by Mattia Colombara and Gianluca Maconi

MSRP: $24.99 • Release Date: May 18th

Hendrix: Electric Requiem explores the life, career and music of a true rock n’ roll god--Grammy-award winning musician Jimi Hendrix---who Rolling Stone ranked #1 on their Greatest Guitarists of All Time!

A compelling trip into the mind and world of Jimi Hendrix. Electric Requiem is an exhilarating ride, from Jimi’s difficult beginnings in the South, plagued by racism, through his global stardom and triumph at Woodstock, and the excessive lifestyle of a rockstar. A rockstar who, even with all his experiences, never forgot where he came from. Skillfully written by Mattia Colombara and illustrated by Gianluca Maconi, this gripping tale of music, personal demons and thirst for glory is a must-have for any Jimi Hendrix fan. Includes bonus material on Hendrix’s life.

“Jimi Hendrix is an incomparable icon, and his legacy remains as impactful and important as ever,” says Rich Young, Co-founder of ABLAZE. “Hendrix: Electric Requiem charts the musician’s life from his humble start in Seattle, where he discovered at an early age the guitar and his destiny. This new release expands Ablaze’s docu-graphic novel series covering historical events, and is a must-read for music and pop culture fans.”


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ABLAZE is a publishing company releasing a variety of titles—in different formats, genres, and age ranges—original material, crowdfunded titles, reprints, art books, including international titles from Europe, Asia (manga, manhwa), and more.

The mantra of ABLAZE is quality first, with the goals of giving creators a platform, bringing new voices into the conversation, serving as diverse an audience as possible, and growing the company’s publishing schedule sustainably over time.


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